International Ministry of Jesus

1017 Highland Village Trail

Birmingham AL 35242 USA


The camp currently can house and feed over 60 people and is situated in the heart of the cloud forest with one of the most abundant flora, fauna and birding locations in the world.  Eduardo (National Director of IMOJ) also shares a future vision for the camp to house and disciple those that are most vulnerable in this society, i.e. widows, orphans, special needs children, and the disabled. It is an honor to serve alongside of Eduardo and his family to reach and serve the ‘Mestizos’ or ‘mixed’ people of the Nor Occidental region and surrounding communities with the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please pray for the future of this exciting ministry.

The vision for The Meeting Place is to be a base for discipleship, evangelism and church planting while strengthening the local church.  

​​​​Tucked away in the majestic Ecuadorian mountains, not far from the sprawling metropolis of Quito, rests a serene valley called Nanegalito. Nanegalito is home to a retreat center called The Meeting Place. Motivated by a passion to see the glory of God cover the earth as the waters cover the seas, The Meeting Place exists to assist the local church in order to foster greater church health and fruitfulness.     

The Meeting Place