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Eduardo and Maria Edith Andrade​

Eduardo Andrade was a business owner and constructive builder in Ecuador.  He was the National Construction Director for a large denomination in Ecuador responsible for supervising and building over 12 churches in his native country.  He spent his young years in California but moved back to Ecuador as a teenager and has lived and served here ever since.  He is married and has one adult daughter, Raquel. He is a strong Christ follower and received his call to ministry over 15 years ago.  He was the preferred host for all IMB teams in Ecuador utilizing his Guesthouse to serve as both a business and ministry to support up to 25 persons.  An active Disciple Maker, Deacon and leader in his local church, Eduardo also is the Ecuadorian Director for an organization that meets and disciples 12 couples in his home each week. After serving as the volunteer administrator of The Meeting Place, located 45 minutes north of Quito, he now serves as the National Director for International Ministry of Jesus. 

Founders  and builders of both IMOJ and The Meeting Place.​

National Director

The Beak’s were late in accepting Christ, at ages 63 and 58 respectively.  Their story proves that God can and does use all types of people at any period of their lives.  This story begins many years before their conversion and reads like a novel.  During WWII, Tom was a young 23 year old inspector of police in the west end of London all through the blitz and later helped design the bomb for use by British aircraft in the battle of the Atlantic to stop the sinking of ships by German U Boats.  Afterwards, he became Assistant Inspector of Salmon Fisheries for Scotland then in 1955, the Beak’s emigrated to Canada starting the first environmental consulting company in that country and one of the first in the world.

By Gods providence, after an adventurous life,  they settled in the Bible belt in Aiken, South Carolina where they heard and responded to the Gospel. Five years later in 1984, the Lord led them to the north of Togo, West Africa as missionaries. During that time they shared the Gospel through digging water wells, agricultural cooperatives, health education, primary schools, educating orphans, microenterprises. They began training pastors and planting churches.  They met the Lords vision of helping to plant 100 churches and digging 100 wells.  In 1999, they faithfully followed the Lords prompting to turn the ministry over to local African believers.

After a time, the Lord led them to Ecuador.  They bought the land for The Meeting Place at the Lord's instruction, but at the time had no idea for what purpose.  They began to farm and raise cows for milk in order to sustain the land.  The Beak’s also prayed about building an adjacent camp on the property for a specific purpose.  The camp, the Meeting Place, would be set aside so people could hear the Lord speaking to be trained in the Bible's teaching and find God's purpose for their lives. This camp was to inspire the Body of Christ for service and to build up the local Church. The camp would be used by individuals, families, church groups and people seeking to build up Disciple Makers to send out.  It took seven years to raise funds and build the Meeting Place. Since then, the 25 acre property has served as a place of beauty, peace and rest where the goal has been meeting HIM and bringing His Body together.

Tom and Joan Beak